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AFS is For Sale!

The Agricultural Food Systems Management Team has decided that it is time to sell the company. If you are interested in acquiring AFS and the exclusive rights to the TenderID technology, please email CEO Lawson Hembree to discuss terms. We are open to negotiation because we want to see the TenderID technology succeed and transform the way good quality is measured rather than go back to sitting on a shelf. To learn more about the potential of the TenderID, click here.

To our fans: thank you for all the support the past three and a half years! We couldn’t have made it this far without you.



Welcome to the Agricultural Food Systems Website!

Agricultural Food Systems (AFS) is a company focused on transforming the way food quality is measured. It seeks to provide technologies that increase value and build trust among producers, processors, and consumers. The company’s first product, the TenderID, is an accurate and reliable, minimally-invasive, handheld device that allows beef processors to predict tenderness on the production line. In preliminary testing, it was shown to be 100% accurate when compared with four other industry and research tests commonly used to predict tenderness. The TenderID has enormous industry potential to not only provide processors with the ability to more accurately communicate value to consumers, but also for processors to earn an average of $24 more per carcass tested.

If you are interested in what AFS is doing, please visit the “Investment Opportunities” tab.

This website also features “About AFS“, “Management Team“, and “Recent News” tabs if you would like to learn even more about the company and the people behind it.

Thanks for visiting the AFS site!

Contact the AFS Management Team

Interested in business opportunities (purchasing, investing, partnering, etc.) with Agricultural Food Systems?
Email the management team of Agricultural Food Systems at:
Agricultural Food Systems
PO Box 6122
Springdale, AR 72766

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